Tim Ray

As a Mortgage Banker and Lending Manager with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, Tim Ray has built a successful career and mortgage branch serving nationwide in Colorado. Since 2000, Tim has had a track record of winning and improving production at every level. He has become a proven leader in motivation and the lending community throughout his career, and he continually works hard with his team to be the best in this business.

With successful systems and Tim’s experience and knowledge, he is able to provide great care in taking care of your mortgage needs. Communication is a big key in helping you through the lending process. Tim will ensure your best interest at heart by talking you through each phase so that you understand everything happening with your loan and there are no surprises. Fairway’s systems are designed to provide the best possible care and move your loan through to enable on-time closings.

What makes the difference at Fairway and the Fairway Elite Team? It starts at the core. Fairway’s core values define who they are and what they strive to accomplish on behalf of their customers and employees. These values are not descriptions of the work Fairway does as a company, or the strategies they employ to accomplish their mission; they underlie their work, how they interact with each other, and guide them to determine how to best serve their customers and employees.

Tim would be happy to meet with you to discuss how he can help you with your mortgage needs. If you are looking at joining the Fairway team, please feel free to contact Tim to discuss Fairway’s core values and how this company can change your career path for the better.